"Dock of the Bay" a digital work of art. Built upon a photo taken while fishing down on Baffin Bay. Worked up in Photoshop, Topaz and On1, to bring it to life.

An old school(film) photographer back in the 70's and 80's. Due to a change in lifestyles, drugs and marriage, I got out of the business. Leaving all my gear in a storage unit, eventually losing it all. At the time, it really didn't bother me, "they were only possessions and could be replace." Little did I know, like any of us, what the road ahead looked like.

I ended up going to prison and my life taking a total turn around. Giving my life to the LORD and seeking to live in a manor worthy of HIM. This led to starting a ministry(Vine of CHRIST Ministries) and living a totally different lifestyle. In doing so, I lost all that had meant anything to me, family and friends turned their backs on me, but truly THESE didn't matter.

Going on, by myself, to develop the ministry, I eventually came to buying a entry level camera(Nikon D3100) to document activities for the ministry. Needless to say, the "bug" bit me, I got too close to an old "flame" and a fire was kindled. Photography began to creep back into my life. First an added lens, then some filters, a flash...and the list grew. Now, you can see the results of this.

Unlike most that get into the business, my purpose isn't to become rich and famous. But too provide a comfortable living and provide for those needs of the ministry. The ministry, unlike others, is forbidden to ask for donations, is not and will never be a 501.c 3 non profit, but all this, is a different matter :{)))

Living in south Texas, there's plenty of wildlife and nature to photograph. We've awesome sunrises and sunsets to capture and the list can go on. For now I'll capture everything and anything that I can get in my viewfinder. Being limited to no transportation(long story), I'm kind of bound to the area. But this will change, just like the limitations of my gear. Moving onward and upwards and not looking back. The past is the past and the future is all in the LORD's hands, very capable hands they are too :{)))

Right now, all sales are thru outside services. You can find links to those on the lower right. Facebook and Google+, link to my site associated with Fine Art America(Pixel.com.) Whereas 500px, has it's own set up. You can also find and purchase art at ViewBug.com, by searching out my name. Just in case you don't know it. I'm Marshall Barth, or more properly Rev. Marshall Barth, one that has a pretty large internet "footprint" already :{)))