Here, you'll find the photography and art work of One Tree Photos. Most produced by me, Marshall Barth, but in time, I may have other contributors.

Personally, I'm rekindling an old flame. Once shooting and selling photos of motocross racing(and other things) as a supplemental income and doing quite well with it. Then, due to a lifestyle change, dropped out of it, leaving my gear behind. Now though, that spark has come to life again and even though a lot has changed, there are still parts of a strong foundation remaining. A quick learner, as well as a hungry one. Learning, or relearning, like a sponge. 

Currently my only limitation, is entry level gear. A Nikon D3100, bought to document things for the ministry(am an ordained minister, running a ministry also.) Poor dynamic range, lack of speed and adjustability are hindrances. But these only slow one down and can be overcome in a short time, when ample funds come along. Until then, I'll just keep chugging along :{))) 

Being a lifetime creative, post processing allows me to overcome some barriers. Allowing me take my photos into another dimension. You'll find many of my current photos altered and given a breath of life. Truly though, this isn't anything new for me, for in the "old days" I pushed the limits of my photography. Multiple exposures, long exposure, light painting and more. You never truly know what to expect when you visit.

When I talk about being a "lifetime creative" it's true. For I was constantly getting into trouble for changing things. An example: After helping my dad paint the basement, at about the age of three, I decided that I didn't really like the colors, so I changed them. I sat around and drew whatever caught my fancy. Started learning about cameras, by six. Began cutting semi precious stones around the age of twelve. Making mountings for them, and other jewelry, somewhere between thirteen and fourteen. That was when the racing bug bit me and I began to pour all my efforts into it. So, creating things, kind of comes naturally to me and as I said, you'll never know what may come next :{)))

   Sometimes, I'll just snap a photo, having plans still hidden. At others, I'll make the image from the beginning, locking it in from the start. Creativity, must be nurtured, to grow and thrive, so fill yourself with the creativity of others. Then, go out and let it bloom within yourself :{)))

   I've noticed that many who visit the site, don't seem to go much farther than this page. Sure, it's designed a bit different then normal websites, which can throw one off. Here's a hint, at the "BOTTOM" of these pages, is it's menu(most normal at the top.) So, find yourself a page and begin enjoying, as I continue to grow in my digital self :{)))